Word that keeps coming up in the discourse of Freinet. Biblio: “The work of education” That does not obvious, both now and in that time was in the times the idea of ??learning through play Invariant No. 10 “This. is not the game that is natural in children, but the work “Invariant No.

17″ the child does not get tired to do work that is in the line of his life, which is, so to speak functional . “9” We have to motivate the work. ” To Freinet, this motivation is the meaning, “My true.” When a child has to What’s New snake molting, “work” snake research is just a natural extension of the aroused curiosity. When an album is made collectively on a visit to the fire station, is of course to share with parents, correspondents, discoveries related to this output.

When a kid is training and accepts his French notebook regularity “at” in situations like “in Vigy,” “at home”, “school”, “the sea” is to soak naturally this spell agreement that will give him the mastery of writing and will grow. Etc, etc … the real work covers all situations Freinet class. Labor “individual” Individual is a word of our time. It works for himself. We want to grow individually.

It is assessed individually. Class Freinet this work, sometimes also called “personal work” is not intended to route each child on his personal track. He is constantly exposed to the collective gaze: to share (Child conference, text layout …), to be exceeded (math research opens new avenues), intersected compared (all knowledge is certainty of the moment, who joined nuance or underpins other knowledge) to be “critical”, analyzed, scrutinized the critical intelligence (in a spirit of mutual aid) and also admired, confirmed. (Building self-esteem in the group) This is why we talk Freinet collective knowledge production. (Unlike with other “alternative pedagogies” where important individual work too) Invariant No.

20 “The child does not like the flock of which the individual work should bend like a robot. He loves individual work or teamwork in a cooperative community. “Experience shows heterogeneous needs, necessary content and time, varied approaches and initiatives, if not disinterest, boredom, mechanical performance, the flame of life, desire.

Class Freinet no manual or file in which the rhythm of the cohort is complete pages. time ranges of: one or more daily minimum 45 min beaches From material: ICEM files PEMF, the class material and designed himself, … To start: available media, preferably self-correctibles … rules of use: freedom of movement, to help or get help, work arrangements according to media … A personal plan (work plan / contract): practical presentations by each other.

Attachment Size 2.15 MB presentation_pdt_s.connac.pdf un_plan_de_travail_de_francais_ce2_2010.odt un_plan_de_travail_de_francais_cp_2015.pdf 19.68 Ko 59.89 Ko 31 best college homework help sites
.93 Ko plan_de_travail_ce1_2015.ods plan_de_travail_cp_2015.ods plan_de_travail_maternelle.ods 32.07 KB 513.68 KB

Arts and Creations newspaper congress Convention It’s not just pebbles in the thousand sheets, there is also what everyone (e) us there will. For more information, please contact Creations space on the site ICEM http://www.icem-pedagogie-freinet.org/node/968 or read the New Educator No. 215, the return number.

Agnes Happy for the working group “Arts and creations” Print Add comment
By Claude Beaunis the 08/26/13 – 11:13 In: Congress conference newspaper school level> second degree No booth this year as no big news on the progress of our project … The start teaching team is being created …

Are awaiting location decision of the institution … Answer expected in September … to be continued! Want to meet us ? No time? … No problem, you can find us on the Congress until its closure.

Also some documents are available on the table to the left in the lobby. Otherwise, our contact from the site www.projetcelestin.fr or phone 02 51 80 56 02 Sylvie Chauveau Project CELESTIN 44 Version Print Add comment

By Dorothy Virag on 30/08/16 – 12:20 In: report Internship Workshop “album Survey – a cooperative activity” Workshop led by Margaret Bialas PHASE 1: The starting point can be from any topic. Example: a child brings horsehair. When a student brings an object in the class for the “I am sharing”, it can generate interest. You go through the drawing and then displays them and following the observations drawings questions emerge.

Before an output or activity or intervention can imagine what will happen. Example: when I was little, I thought … this is how a fire … So we start performances of students. PHASE 2: Answers Search to confront the initial representations Teams are formed on different sub themes such as barracks Team 1: the coach trip Team 2: the fire truck Team 3: uniform … A team leader can point the progress of work and research (interest table dual inputs).

A written record of what has been learned and vocabulary. It may be a possible evaluation support. Tools: BTJ – Larousse youth – Children’s encyclopedia – encyclopedia Given Larousse – Nathan visual – Small newspapers (classified by themes) …

PHASE 3: A tool and a communication medium is read in class, criticized (+ and – ) be required on the layout and background which enables progress in the production of the next album may be summarized in a school newspaper … .. spread among families, the corresponding (careful to make a contract with them to potential returns sent jobs) … keep in the classroom and become a memory of the school (for older students): school history When to do? Once a quarter: to give time – eg a whole day or two mornings a week, do not do too much last to avoid disinterest.

A box issues can also be a starting point to find work topics: open the box once a week, some issues can be addressed by means other than the album (presentation, or used to prepare the work week next). How to present it? The different types of albums: scientific, events, … The layout from drawings, manuscripts, in electronic form.

The assembly of the album is a real cooperative work. The decoration of the album: a rhodoid used stencil, blown ink, textured wallpaper on which we move from painting, etched polystyrene … Link with programs add albums in progressions Tools for the master: Article New Educator – Raphael Eon sample Notice of institutional pedagogy – (see attachments) CR Valerie Da Silva and Cecile Corvaisier Attachment Size extrait_memento _le_point_sur_lenquete_album.doc article_ne_raphael_eon.doc 33 KB 67.5 KB Print Add comment

Search Keyword With all motsAvec expression exacteAvec motsSans at least one of the words Options: Back to results Guided search Click a term to narrow your search: Class Round 3 Leon Grimault (3) Blain School ( 4) Conliege school (3) School Etival (2) School Belmontet (6) School of Guerche (22) the School Cremetterie ce2 cm1 (1) the School Gavre (15) Ecole Les 4 vents (7) the Ecole plum Verfeuil (1) School Major Cathedral (1) School Maria Casares (1) Preschool Gensollen La Farlede (3) School Prenovel – cycle 2 (2) School Prenovel – cycle 3 (1) Silfiac school (2) Author (s) Abdou (1) Aghilas (1) Alexis (1) Eleanor (1) Amandine (1) more … class work: Exploration, visit Material Arts (6) Languages ??(1) Kitchen (2) Environmental Research (1) french (6) History Geo (21) Mathematics (2) Science and Techno (11) Life of the cooperative class citizenship (5) 2008-2009 school year (4) 2009-2010 (26) 2010-2011 (11) 201 1-2012 (17) 2012-2013 (8) 2013-2014 (2) 2015-2016 (3) 2016-2017 (2) back in 2005 (1)
By Dorothy Virag on 30/08/16 – 6:21 p.m. In: report Internship Meet “Seed of Lorraine” Presentation by Sylvie Triboulot Proposed activities: Make class outside Treasure Hunt: each person chooses an item of treasure . Give an action verb, an adjective and a sense (what state I am) Career sounds: each group has its “vowel” and must find words related to the environment in which the sound we hear.

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